Vessel Safety Check

A major component of a safe, responsible & fun filled outing is a boat which has all the necessary safety equipment operating properly. A free voluntary vessel safety check is the answer and our trained members will be happy to perform the check.

Vessels that successfully complete the safety check may qualify for a discount on rates with many major insurance companies. West Marine offers a 10% discount on safety equipment needed to pass the safety check.

While maximizing the safe use and enjoyment of U.S. waterways by recreational boaters, the Vessel Safety Check process is one of prevention through education, outreach and volunteer compliance with federal and state recreational boating safety laws, particularly with regard to the carriage of safety equipment while raising boater awareness about safety and environmental issues through voluntary contact by a vessel examiner.

Through discussions with recreational boaters, this program is designed to motivate boaters in maintaining and operating their boats in a safe manner, taking boating safety courses to increase their knowledge and skills in boating, and promote safe boating.

Areas covered by the safety check include: registration/documentation and proper display of registration numbers, adequate personal flotation devices, current visual distress signals for the boating area, number of operating fire extinguishers for the size of boat, engine compartment ventilation, backfire flame control, operating sound producing devices, properly installed & operating navigation lights and marine sanitation devices, display of required pollution and trash placards, navigation rules, and compliance with state requirements. A distinctive decal is awarded for display on your vessel upon successful completion. There are scheduled vessel exams where boaters can set up appointments at the following marinas:



20 May, 2017 - Mulberry Point Marina, vessel exams from 9 - noon, plus Ready, Set, Wear IT Life Jacket inflation at West Marine, Stillwater at noon

3 June, 2017 - Afton Marina, vessel exams from 9 - noon, plus 'Safe Boating Fair'

10 June, 2017 - Bayport Marina, vessel exams from 9 - noon

24 June, 2017 - Hudson Marina, vessel exams from 9 - noon


Please call if you would like a vessel safety check scheduled - John Gagich (952) 210-7029